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The Best Business Name Generators & Tools to Create a Business Name in 2018

When figuring out the name of your company, getting creative is key to coming up with a good name. However, if creativity is not your strong suit then coming up with something that is catchy, unique and memorable at the same time can be a bit of a problem. In times like those all that you need is a little bit of help and that’s where all of the tools to create a business name come in, and probably the best and most helpful tool is a good business name generator. Business name generators will help you come up with something that you love, but apart from that, they will help you come up with a name that is relevant to your business and that will really grab your customer’s attention all the same time. If you are interested in some great generators, then keep on reading for a few options.


Wordoids is a name generator that will help you find brand names that are actually available and all you have to do is type in a keyword that you think is relevant to your business or a keyword that you want to associate with your business and then click the “Create Wordoids” button. The generator is split into two columns and once you click that button you will immediately see some business name suggestions on the right side, while on the left side you will be able to use some great features that will allow you to filter the names in different categories. Those categories are things like the quality of the name, the language that is used, the pattern, the length of the suggested business name as well as any other preferences that you may have and the purpose of all of this is for you to get the most precise suggestions possible.

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This generator as a part of the tools to create a business name is one that actually works a bit differently than most of the other name generators. It is the same in the sense that it requires you to type in a keyword of your choosing, but it is different because it doesn’t generate names that are completely new, but instead it simply takes your keyword and adds different suffixes to it in order to create some great name suggestions. This is the perfect business name generating tool to use if you are someone that is looking for a one word name for your business. Probably the only downside to using this particular tool is the fact that it doesn’t just show business names that are available and you actually have to click through them to see which ones are available for you to use and that is something that can take some time, but also something that can be frustrating if all of the business name suggestions that you like end up being taken.

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This is another name generating tools that is pretty unique and the reason for that is that every brand name on this site comes with its very own logo design. Each of the many business names that are listed on the generator is individually described with different keywords and categories. All that you have to do with this generator is type in either a keyword that you want to associate with your brand or just the niche that your business is a part of and you will see a full list of available brand names that you can choose from. Once you choose a name you will also be able to find out things like the feelings behind the name, the structure of the name and even what kind of business that particular name would fit best. One of the downsides of this generator is the fact that the names on there tend to be a little expensive, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Tools to create a business name can be incredibly helpful and if you feel like you are a bit stuck and you don’t really know where to begin and a good business name generator is probably the best thing that you can use. Make sure to check out the names on this list and see if one of them gives you what you are looking for, but even if they don’t work out you definitely shouldn’t get discouraged because there are many other generators out there and it’s all about finding the right one for you.